We deliver increased connectivity to indoor and outdoor locations where a dedicated system is needed due to high footfall or demand. Sites include transportation hubs like airports, tunnels and shopping centres as well as major sports/entertainment venues.

Our approach

Some locations simply aren’t served by the traditional coverage layer that mobile network operators deploy. We understand this problem and work with landlords and mobile network operators to install bespoke systems that provide enough coverage and capacity to meet the ‘peak demand’. By doing this we help deliver those golden moments when everyone reaches for their phone or device at the same time.

The problem

Large groups of people gather in one place to enjoy a memorable and shared experience. Mobile networks have traditionally been designed to support users as they consume data on the move, not as people gather in one location for a prolonged period of time. So a different solution is needed for venues, one that is designed specifically to provide capacity to that location for those moments when we all want connectivity.

Our Solution

We analyse the location, people movement and total capacity in order to build 3D models that plot how and where connectivity is needed, how much will be needed and how best to deliver this to the users. The design for each venue is bespoke and dependent upon its characteristics; airports and stadiums both contain large numbers of people but operate in completely different ways and require unique solutions.

The Benefits of Mobile Connectivity

Improving mobile connectivity is important for many reasons:

  • Building dedicated systems helps to relieve pressure on the existing mobile network operator layer – a network that wasn’t designed to service large groups in one place.  This helps mobile network operators improve their customer experience
  • Venues can implement new mobile offerings such as apps, food & beverage solutions and AR/VR experiences; not only will this deliver a better experience to guests, fans and customers, it will also courage them to spend more
  • By investing in a connectivity layer, venues are able to leverage new technologies to measure and help reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint
  • Any venue that wants to become a destination (rather than host to one type of event) will need robust mobile connectivity to fufil their ambitions

Why shared access?

Founded in 2007, Shared Access has a long history of investing and developing infrastructure. We have built deep links to our mobile operator and landlord partners to ensure we can always deliver at the highest level. In the venue space we have been trusted by strategically important customers including Newcastle Airport, Dundrum Shopping Centre (the largest shopping centre in Ireland) and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club – as they built the greatest sporting stadium in the world.

In good company

Tottenham StadiumRead More

Distributed Antennae System (DAS)


Shared Access and Tottenham Hotspur embarked on an audacious mission in 2017 – to bring world class connectivity to Tottenham’s new stadium.

Building upon Shared Access’ previous experience deploying connectivity in large venues, the new system was designed, installed and fully funded by Shared Access. The stadium opened in April 2019 with all four UK mobile network operators live for the first game – a first in the UK.

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Tunnels are historically tough locations to get a phone signal. Traditional masts provide coverage outdoors to locations that can be seen – tunnels by their nature are underground, compact and often have lots of twists and turns that all stop existing outdoor signals from penetrating inside.

The Tyne Tunnel is no different. Originally opened in 1967, the seven miles of tunnels connect the town of Jarrow with North Shields and Howden. The traffic that passes through the tunnel allows vehicles both a way in and out of Newcastle. Over 40,000 vehicles travel through the Tyne Tunnel every day – that’s over 14,000,000 vehicles a year.

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