Connectivity – it’s no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a fundamental need. Everyone expects it. Everyone demands it. And at Shared Access Enterprise, we provide it.


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Our Approach

Shared Access work with landlords, developers and businesses to deliver connectivity solutions to all kinds of organisations. Whatever type of location you are, if you need improved connectivity Shared Access can help with the entire process.

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The problem

As building standards have improved, the availability of mobile connectivity indoors has fallen. Mobile network operators simply cannot build enough dedicated capacity solutions to penetrate all the glass, steel and heightened insulation between their masts and data-hungry customers indoors. The connectivity that most of us assume will be available simple isn’t – and unless poor indoor connectivity is addressed, the problem is only going to get worse.

The Shared Access solution

We are experts at fixing this problem.  By analysing the needs of your building and occupants we can provide the right solution for you.  We build 3D models, plot how and where connectivity is needed and ensure that specific building materials are taken into account. We provide all the mobile network operator equipment and even fund the up-front costs. We give you exactly what you need and look after the installation over its lifetime.

The benefits of mobile connectivity

Improving mobile connectivity is important for many reasons, including;

  • To help retain or improve a location’s competitive advantage post Covid-19
  • Facilitating hybrid working with the rise in ‘bring your own devices’ to the workplace (less cleaning/risk of contamination): makes it easier to work in multiple environments
  • Capacity demands in the office space will increase due to higher levels of collaboration via online tools
  • Building management improvements will require connectivity to deploy Internet of Things / sensors to increase efficiency and cost savings
  • It will enable accreditation requirements to be met, so maintaining or improving status in the marketplace
  • WiredScore, the global digital connectivity certification system, references a 5% uplift in rental values for fully connected buildings


Weʼll give you a proposal, based on the square footage of your building.

We cover the cost of a full design survey and coverage examination.

We design coverage maps and a 3D model of your building, then agree on an installation plan.

We liaise with all the National Mobile Network Operators on your behalf, optimising everything for all networks as we go.

We install, test and get the system live.

We stay with you, via ongoing system management and maintenance.

Why shared access?

Our long history of working on connectivity solutions means that as the needs of people, businesses and our homes have changed over the past 15 years we’ve have been able to anticipate and offer solutions. Having started our business by facilitating coverage for entire communities, we subsequently provided our expertise to large venues – and in the process we’ve been able to plot the needs of future new developments by designing connectivity directly into the fabric of buildings.

We’ve a proven record of delivering for our partners; if you are a landlord or business that needs mobile connectivity, Shared Access will deliver for you.

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