Shared Access has designed, built and acquired over 1,000 towers since its inception in 2007.  We were founded as a build-to-suit tower business, focused on fast delivery of large numbers of sites.

Our approach

We have always delivered connectivity solutions. We have grown as a build-to-suit company and so fully understand and drive our process as fast as possible from search ring to estates management. In order to streamline the process of site deployment, we work with our portfolio partners to quickly identify and develop new site locations, fund the whole process ourselves and manage each and every part of the development. We also provide custom solutions for non-traditional clients and actively focus on acquisition opportunities – either tower portfolios or individual masts.

Mobile Network Operators

Shared Access has long term Master Site Agreements with mobile network operators; we offer a simple, defined and fast track solution for the rollout of new sites:

  • We shoulder the financial cost of developing sites; financial terms are competitive and agreed up front. The risk sits with us to deliver
  • As we risk our own capital to acquire, design and build sites, everything we do is focused on delivering sites as quickly as possible for our customers
  • We have portfolios of existing locations – over 30,000 potential sites for development, as well as hundreds of existing built sites
  • Every time a new site is developed, we donate funds to help offset our carbon footprint


Landlords are a key partner in the development of any new connectivity location. We focus on building long term partnerships with our landlords; it’s critical that both sides are aligned so that we can deliver the very best solutions over the long term.

Ongoing Management

We operate site access management and monitoring tools 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We always communicate any upcoming work with our site partners, keep in touch with any major announcements and are available to discuss anything with our site providers.

Need a Tower? Get in Touch

We work with all major mobile network operators, as well as other organisations that need access to existing towers – and we also build towers where necessary. We currently work with NATS, the Metropolitan Police, ferry and bus companies and a number of airports. If you need space on a tower to improve your network, we can help.

Developing Heathrow

In 2022 we completed our project to build a new 45 meter mast at Heathrow.

The brand new state of the art mast plays an essential role in providing coverage for the National Air Traffic business, all UK mobile operators, Transport for London and other wireless service providers.

Why shared access?

Shared Access has been delivering towers since 2007 – in fact it’s the reason we were founded. From our work with the Irish government and the rollout of the Irish Tetra Network in 2008 to working with Telefonica, O2 and Cornerstone in 2017 to help O2 meet licence obligations, we have consistently delivered towers on critical projects.

We have formed strategic partnerships with key landlord organisations and created industry leading service level agreements. Our success is due to a constant focus on our internal processes,  as well as our ability to deploy significant capital on large scale projects and acquisitions as the need arises.

In good company


7th September 2023

Dundrum Town Centre to become first Irish retail destination to offer 5G

Shared Access have extensive retail experience in the DAS mobile connectivity sector, owning and managing systems in six other retail centres across Ireland.


1st August 2023

Shared Access and Thomond Park extend connectivity partnership

Shared Access, owner and operator of shared wireless infrastructure and Thomond Park, the world class stadium venue, located in Limerick, Ireland, announce the extension of an agreement to provide mobile phone connectivity in and around the multi-purpose venue.


25th May 2023

Shared Access and Urban Green Private extend mobile connectivity solution at Bridgewater Shopping Centre, Co Wicklow

Shared Access and Urban Green Private, a real estate investment firm, announce the extension of a current agreement to provide mobile connectivity inside and outside Bridgewater Shopping Centre, Arklow, Co Wicklow.


22nd February 2023

Picture perfect mobile connectivity launched at the National Gallery

Shared Access announces the installation of mobile connectivity infrastructure at the National Gallery