Street Solutions

Street Solutions

We deliver smart, powerful and non-obtrusive solutions to street level connectivity challenges. If you’re a landlord or a mobile network operator, we can meet your capacity needs.

Our Approach

Instead of focusing on the traditional method of filling our pavements with more and more clutter, we focus on innovating to provide high capacity solutions in the most effective manner possible. We work with designers who bring a fresh approach to the design of street infrastructure – and we work with mobile network operators and landlords to ensure the capacity needed to meet demand is provided.

The Problem

We’re all hungry for more data, more quickly. The mobile network operators’ existing infrastructure network isn’t able to deliver the required capacity at street level. Rooftop sites that power the overall macro layer can’t always deal with the increased hotspot demand where lots of people congregate and demand data. There’s a pressing need for street level capacity infill solutions. These problems don’t only affect the mobile network operator – both landlords and tenants need connectivity to remain competitive in the current property landscape. Councils also need to demonstrate they are investing in their area’s future so they’re not left behind.

The Solution

We install – or upgrade existing – street equipment that can be used by mobile network operators to provide 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G connectivity at street level. This shareable infrastructure allows high capacity mobile phone connectivity with the minimal amount of additional equipment on the street. This is different to traditional approaches. We don’t just boost or extend coverage – we provide dedicated capacity solutions that make a meaningful difference to the user.

Shared Access offers a full turnkey solution including site acquisition, design and deployment. Our OpEx model allows customer flexibility in terms of rollout and return on investment, matching our successful solutions in the mast and in-building markets since 2007.

The benefits of densification

As increasing numbers of users sign up to contracts with mobile network operators that allow for more data to be consumed, the issue facing the operators switches from being able to provide coverage over an area to being able to satisfy the demand for increasingly more data in that area.

By ensuring enough capacity exists in any one location, users are able to do more things, faster and more often. As crowds increase and data demand grows, traditional small cell type deployments can’t handle the increased demand. By deploying solutions that are dedicated specifically to this purpose, the user experience improves. More landlord and tenant services can be deployed over mobile, given the knowledge that there won’t be any connectivity issues – and mobile network operators can offer improved network guarantees to customers.

We’re bringing high capacity connectivity to city centre hot spots through the deployment of long-term sustainable infrastructure solutions. This will allow landlords, councils and mobile network operators to confidently invest in their future, in the knowledge that the powerful basic connectivity layer they need to innovate is in place.

Why shared access?

Shared Access has been delivering towers since 2007 – in fact it’s the reason we were founded. From our work with the Irish government and the rollout of the Irish Tetra Network in 2008 to working with Telefonica, O2 and Cornerstone in 2017 to help O2 meet licence obligations, we have consistently delivered towers on critical projects.

We have formed strategic partnerships with key landlord organisations and created industry leading service level agreements. Our success is due to a constant focus on our internal processes,  as well as our ability to deploy significant capital on large scale projects and acquisitions as the need arises.

In good company


7th May 2024

Shared Access delivers mobile connectivity inside Grade A new build offices for leading property consultancy

Shared Access has delivered in-building mobile connectivity at 1 Causeway Park, Staines-upon-Thames.


2nd May 2024

The future of the co-working industry 

The rise of coworking in Europe has been a fascinating trend in recent years.


13th February 2024

Shared Access wins CESINE award for commitment to innovation and connectivity in the office environment

Shared Access received a prestigious award for innovation in the office environment.


5th February 2024

Shared Access appoint CSS for tower maintenance services

Shared Access, announces the appointment of Construction Site Services Limited (CSS)