Shared Access, working with the mobile operator O2 as the anchor tenant, identified the need to improve connectivity throughout the tunnel to ensure consistent mobile connectivity throughout a vehicle’s entire journey.

The project began and was completed in 2017. Since its completion, additional mobile operators, Vodafone and EE, signed up to join the infrastructure, ensuring that their customers have robust coverage when passing through the tunnel. No more dropping coverage – this access to mobile connectivity guaranteed mobile travellers a seamless commute.

Chris Jackman, CEO, Shared Access: “What we provide to the public is consistent connectivity. That has always been the aim with all of our projects, to enable people with mobile wireless coverage wherever they are. Our project at Tyne Tunnel echoes our mentality – we saw an opportunity to help a community in ensuring that their visitors were always connected, even when on the go.”

Brendan O’Reilly, Chief Technology Officer, O2: “We were delighted to have worked with Shared Access on this project. It was challenging but incredibly important to ensure that the Tyne Tunnel had the necessary connectivity to service thousands of customers each day.”

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