Marina Wi-Fi

Marina Wi-Fi

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Wi-Fi installations are sometimes seen as a ‘one size fits all’ solution – an approach that doesn’t work for marinas. Our specialist knowledge, gained from the deployment of mobile networks in venues and recent changes in technology enables us to deliver and fund a radically improved service for this sector.

Our Approach

We approach Wi-Fi deployments with over ten years’ experience successfully designing networks for mobile network operators. We are rigorous in ensuring that coverage tests are completed and signal propagation models built to test the coverage areas – and we always deploy the optimum number of access points to make sure that demand will be met. Our funding model guarantees great performance.

Marinas are different

Marinas are unlike other locations that need Wi-Fi. The connectivity demands of marinas are intrinsically different to those of offices, shopping centres and sports stadiums. Berths are visited more frequently during the summer and this leads to an increase in both the number of devices connecting to Wi-Fi at any one time and the overall demand on the network. With boats becoming ‘smarter’ and relying on a continuous flow of data, as well as the increased operational needs of marinas, it’s clear that installing a few access points around a marina will not deliver fit-for-purpose connectivity.

The benefits

Improving berth holder and visitor satisfaction is something all marinas think about. Enabling people to surf the internet, enjoy uninterrupted streaming and downloads through the provision of fit-for-purpose Wi-Fi is a sure-fire way to increase customer satisfaction. Operational efficiency will automatically improve as more services are offered online – from mobile (digital) transactions for refreshments and fuel payment to the ability for berthholders to send messages or raise issues without leaving their boats.

Examples of the benefits of improved Wi-Fi 

Improving Wi-Fi connectivity is vital for many reasons:

  • It allows marinas to introduce new services such as online transactions, help desks and payment services – making life easier for customers
  • As more people embrace remote working, marinas are well placed to offer a whole new experience and to show differentiation in the market place. Speedy and reliable connectivity is absolutely fundamental to this proposition
  • It offers improvements in business efficiency; traditionally marinas haven’t had great networks, which has meant that operations have been slow to modernise. Improving connectivity will open up much needed business changes to cut costs – for instance, why download data from a boat manually when it could be sent over a secure
    Wi-Fi connection?


We review marina plans and then organise a site survey. The survey is essential to gather information and enable a design to be created; we also measure the existing Wi-Fi connectivity levels

We create the marina in a 3D modelling tool that allows us to test the best equipment locations and ensure that the system will perform as needed

We present our design and pricing options 

Annual fee and contract are agreed

We fund the installation and integration

The system goes live; no annual payment is due until this point

Why Shared Access?

Founded in 2007, Shared Access has a long history of investing and developing infrastructure. We have built deep links to our mobile operator and landlord partners over that time period to ensure that we always deliver – and this is borne out with the quality of our partners.  In the venue space we have been trusted by strategically important organisations like Newcastle Airport, Dundrum Shopping Centre (the largest shopping centre in Ireland) and by Tottenham Hotspur as they built the greatest stadium in the world.

In good company

Berthon MarinaRead More

Private Network

Installation of Wi-Fi 6 at Berthon Marina, Lymington.

During the busy season, Berthon Marina has up to 250 boats in residence, all with multiple devices connecting to the marina’s Wi-Fi.  This was creating a heavily congested network environment and a poor end user experience. Connection speeds were grinding to a halt, with berth holders and visitors frequently being disconnected or simply unable to connect. Card payments for fuel or food and beverage became impossible to process with all the associated customer frustrations and commercial impact.

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