A Fundamental Need

Today, right now… where would we be without reliable,
superfast connectivity?

It’s no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a fundamental need. Everyone expects it. Everyone demands it. And at Shared Access Enterprise, we provide it. We’re one of the UK’s leading providers of cost-effective, in-building, wireless connectivity for every commercial, residential, retail or public building, new or old. With us, you can future-proof a new development by building connectivity right into the infrastructure. And if you need to update an existing building to bring it true 21st Century connectivity, we’ll help you retro-fit seamlessly. We take care of everything, from start to finish. We even cover the upfront installation cost. All you need to do is decide when you want the system to go live.


New Challenges

The new normal. Millions have started working from home. Which presents a whole new challenge to landlords and businesses. Unprecedented pressure is on to supply flawless, high-speed, always on, in-building mobile connectivity to residents, employees and visitors.

Landlords, agents, developers and architects will all be judged on their ability to supply that level of connectivity to all the National Mobile Network Operators. Itʼs no longer a nice-to-have, to entice renters or people back to the office. Itʼs an imperative.

And thatʼs exactly what we do.


Making it easy

Installing cutting edge wireless network systems, giving everyone access to every National Mobile Operator Network… thatʼs us. And no one knows how to do it better. Because itʼs ALL we do.

We take care of everything – and promise you that the whole process is as easy as it gets.

Our unique model means thereʼs no big upfront cost to you. We even cover the cost of the initial survey and proposal. You simply pay an annual license fee.

And because we know how precious your time is, we take absolute pride in future-proofing our clientsʼ buildings for 5G and beyond in an average time of just 3 months, from start to finish.


The process

We make sure youʼre clear on every step of the process from start to finish. Our hugely experienced team is always there for you, to answer any questions, every step of the way.


Weʼll give you a proposal, based on the square footage of your building.


We cover the cost of a full design survey and coverage examination.


We design coverage maps and a 3D model of your building, then agree on an installation plan.


We liaise with all the National Mobile Network Operators on your behalf, optimising everything for all networks as we go.


We install, test and get the system live.


We stay with you, via ongoing system management and maintenance.

 Why Shared Access?

We’re digital problem solvers. True specialists.

Since our inception back in 2007, weʼve implemented crucial connectivity infrastructure for buildings, shopping centres, stadiums and entire communities.

Systems that ensure a consistent and uninterrupted wireless connection for a wide range of clients from the incredible new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to the National Air Traffic Service.

Our operations span the UK, Ireland and Spain, where weʼve designed, built, acquired and operated over 1,000 masts and installed countless high-profile in-building systems with in excess of 2,000 active antennas.

We are living at an incredible moment in human history. A true information revolution. The digital world is expanding exponentially.

Weʼve never been more data hungry. And with Shared Access Enterprise, you can offer your clients, your tenants, your visitors, your people, unlimited access to it all.