Enterprise – Connected Buildings

Inbuilding Connectivity is the third most important consideration to tenants following location and cost. As such and given that around 80% of usage of Mobile Networks takes place indoors having the best mobile connectivity inside a building is critical to the investment case for investors.

As tenants and companies look at ways to improve efficiency, productivity and staff satisfaction in the office, improving mobile connectivity becomes a crucial component. For business’ that engage in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, especially in a new post COVID-19 environment or looking to migrate to more flexible cloud-based systems and remove legacy infrastructure having dedicated and fit for purpose mobile connectivity solutions is a must.

Shared Access have been working with businesses to do just that. By leveraging our history of designing, funding and managing dedicated connectivity systems Shared Access are uniquely placed to help landlords and tenants operate in this environment.

We keep it simple – we bring the connectivity and can quickly give landlords and investors a cost for everything to be delivered. We handle everything; the Mobile Operators, the Fibre connections and the system design and installation. From there Shared Access monitor, maintain and repair systems all as part of the service, allowing landlords and tenants to get on with their business.